I know you can create the life

you’ve always dreamed of.


How you do anything
is how you do everything.

Every day I talk to women pharmacists who are disgruntled and dismayed by their current careers.

The unrealistic pressures and demands of their jobs are taking a toll on their mental and physical health. As a result, they are feeling drained, unfulfilled and fed up. But they are afraid to leave their golden handcuffs because they simply do not know “how” to do it. 

As a woman pharmacist myself, who has been in the profession for 20+ YEARS, I am very familiar with this issue because,


I realized I was not prioritizing myself when my health began to suffer and I felt like I was selling my soul for $$$$. I felt like I was doing good things but I was made for more.  Deciding to leave my job was one of the biggest decisions I have made in my entire life. My livelihood, my professional identity, and a whole lot more was wrapped up in that decision. 

Once I left my job however, I was able to build a thriving business and a life I love. Now I travel all over the world on a monthly basis and love the friends and family that are part of my travels. As someone who has been in your shoes…

I’m here to tell you that
you don’t need to wait.

You don’t need to go back to school for another degree or certification. 

And, You DO NOT need other people’s approval
to follow your dreams and live your life. 

Answer this question…
What do YOU really want?

In order to live a more joyful and fulfilling life you have to dream first. Allow yourself to listen to your heart and quiet your analytical thinking about “the how”.

Once you do that, the seemingly impossible is possible and you will start to see and create career/professional opportunities you never knew were there. Now, as a life and business coach, I help women pharmacists to get on the right path to building
their dreams so that each day going forward is their Best Day Ever! If you are spinning your wheels trying to figure it out, it’s time for us to talk.

I can honestly say that I’m living the life of my dreams.

Now, it’s your turn.

What are you going to do today to create the life you want?